Friday, December 14, 2007

Taking the “Walk”-ing out of the Walk of Stars

From yesterday's Desert Post Weekly

Founded in 1992, The Palm Springs Walk of Stars honors area men and women who were significant in contributing to the recognition of Greater Palm Springs. There are currently 298 stars in the following categories: Show Business, Literary, Pioneers/Civic, Humanitarian, Sports, and Military.

The newest inductee to the walk of fame is a man who’s done his part to make walking a thing of the past.

Bobby Thomas spent his childhood growing up in Indio with his mother, father, and two brothers. He got his start in the golf business at Thunderbird Country Club some 50 years ago. Bobby was a pioneer in the golf car business, and a pioneer businessman in what was then the small village of Rancho Mirage. If a country club or golf course needed to buy, sell, or rent golf cars, Bobby Thomas, “cart man” was the person to talk to. Bob Thomas was also known as a charitable man who grabbed every opportunity to help struggling young golf professionals, or anyone acquainted with him who was in need.

Some would feel that Thomas made it possible for people to play golf that ordinarily wouldn’t be able to by providing them with the ability to ride a golf course, rather than walk. This might be true for some, but for most foursomes, Thomas has aided them in their pursuit towards laziness by turning a vessel for exercise into what some might consider slothful activity for overweight men on Sunday mornings.

What the Rat would like to know is, is Thomas whom we have to thank for these ridiculous new golf cars? You know, the ones with five star rims, beverage coolers and DVD players on board? Most of these new golf carts are worth more than the ratmobile. (Albeit that’s not saying much.)

Thomas also had a life long feud with traditionalist Ian MacCallister that few were aware of. You might recognize Ian from Titleist’s recent NXT golf ball commercials as the aggravated spokesman against the NXT for being too long.

Will MacCallister be at the walk, protesting Thomas’ induction? Probably not, but the Rat may just be there on his behalf. I’ll be one with a wheel of cheese in one hand and a sign that says “Golf carts made me fat” in the other.

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